Navigating the Future:
URAi’s AI-driven Approach to User Research

July 26, 2023

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Understanding users is essential for companies large and small to find product-market fit, improve and scale the product, and find new market opportunities. AI can fundamentally alter how we gather user feedback and enhance the efficiency of insight generation.

To leverage the power of AI, we developed URAi. It allows teams to quickly test their hypotheses about users, customers, products, and industries without implementing costly real products. You can focus on implementing validated ideas by presenting them to representative users and automatically analyzing their feedback through URAi. By doing so, we aim to empower more people to make data-driven decisions that can shape the future of their products and services.

URAi’s goal is to democratize access to large-scale user feedback collection while maintaining the rigor of research. URAi is a tool built by people who know research. We want to bake good research practices directly into our tool.

Guiding Principles
Creating an AI tool capable of these requires a clear understanding of user research principles and teams workflow. URAi’s approach draws from the best practices of human researchers:

Incorporating Business Context
A good researcher does not operate in a vacuum. URAi’s tool allows for inputting research questions, additional business context, and past knowledge alongside session data. These are not treated as mere data points but as guiding narratives that help shape the research plan. This approach mirrors human researchers who leverage prior findings to drive their investigations.

Collect User Feedback Interactively in Scale
URAi wants to support established research methods like interviews and surveys. We also believe AI can create new ways to collect user feedback by leveraging automated agents. This will allow teams to collect rich user feedback in scale, providing an in-depth understanding of user needs and quantifiable insights to inform decisions.

Delivering Actionable Insights
The ultimate goal of any research is to generate actionable insights. URAi’s AI does not provide mere summaries; it aims to offer findings, insights, recommendations, and clear action plans.

Accumulating Insights to Build Up Knowledge over Time
We want to build URAi to be able to learn over time, accumulate insights, and enrich its knowledge base, thereby improving the quality and depth of the shared knowledge base. AI-powered knowledge retrieval also makes the insights easily accessible to the entire team.

Data-Driven, not AI-Hallucination
AI should not ‘make up’ insights. Insights must be derived from real evidence. URAi’s tool is designed to link insights directly to the evidence that supports them, ensuring that any conclusions drawn are firmly grounded in data. If no evidence is collected in the knowledge base, it will report none versus making up insights.

AI + Human Collaboration
We believe in AI and human collaboration. Allowing users to edit and correct the AI’s output is critical to ensure insights quality. We also want to design URAi to integrate smoothly with teams’ workflows.

Ensuring AI and Research Integrity
Maintaining high standards of research integrity is paramount. At the model level, URAi ensures that user input and output are not shared with unauthorized parties. We also take great measures to protect user data.

What’s Our Progress So Far?
URAi’s tool already built many modules to automate the user research process. It has made progress in generating research plans, conducting interviews using AI, generating quality reports, accumulating insights to build a knowledge base, and enabling AI usage across teams.

We know there is still a lot to be done. As URAi continues to refine the tool, user input becomes vital. The team is eager to hear feedback about leveraging AI for user insights and integrating it with your workflow. Try our product here: and contact us at