Rapid and Scalable User Insights for Better Product

Plan your studies, collect user feedback, extract insights, and build a knowledge base, all powered by AI.

Plan your research

Collect in-depth feedback with AI

Generate your report

Transcribe audio & video

Search & find insights

Collaborate with team members

In-depth interview

URAi asks questions based on your goal and users' responses, collecting deeper insights.

Design testing

Get user feedback on your website, design prototype or product images, facilitated by AI.

Quick feedback

Collect quick feedback in scale with just a few questions. Uncover more insights with smart follow-ups.

Real time analysis for faster insights

Summarize your user feedback sessions and generate actionable report, in just a few minutes

Transcribe and analyze

Upload and URAi will analyze your user feedback in text, audio and video format.

Evidence based

Automatically generate report with insights linked to the evidence and user verbatim.

Actionable insights

Summarize insights that's most relevant for your decisions.

Knowledge library to store and search insights

No more searching through files or emails. URAi provides a continually enriched library of insights accessible via chat.

Upload your past work

Build your knowledge library by uploading your past reports, product briefs and more.

Gather new insights

Expand your knowledge library by running new studies and generating insights with AI

Find answers by chat

Ask questions, and let AI find the answers for you from your own knowledge library

Leverage AI to build better products

Accelerate your journey from questions to insights to decisions with URAi.